• How does it work?

Our High Heels have an exclusive patented mechanism that allows you to make the change of height in an easy and quick way. They have been tested by different podiatrist. 

  • How does the shoe maintain straight? 

It is all about the sole, our shoes have been manufactured and tested by the best shoe-makers. They are all in the South of Spain, and they have been decades working on them. 

  • Where do you store the heel?

When you purchase your MyWay Heels, it comes with a silk small bag were you can save them and take them to every single place you'll love! 

  • Can I combine different heel colors and styles?

Of course! In MyWay Heels we love creativity and the fact that our customers can experiment with them. Every single MyWay Heel shoe or interchangeable height can be combined with any shoe of the brand.